Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yeah, HAC Now Has A Fan Club!

Greetings, all lovers of Rose and Reincarnation, ugly girls with guns in the Northwest, and above all fans of Matt and Heather! I have decided that Mr. Covington needs a fan club. Being a "ghost writer" myself, I have obvious points of sympathy with his work. This is my first post, and it has been made basically to let me diddle with the blog settings and template. I'll post a better one later.


At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a fan and somewhat of a writer as well. I haven't finished the Trilogy yet, but like the others they seem to also suck me right in. That means they qualify as good writing even if part of my interest is because I agree with the politics and message. I understand that the series is more about the message than anything else, according to HAC. However, I think the main weakness in his writing is that he does too much telling rather than showing. Explaining a whole ton of back story with dialogue is unrealistic to the reader and lazy for the writer. I noticed this in his other work also. I think readers respond to a message better if they reach conclusions on their own, by observing the story as it unfolds rather than being shown the conclusion they SHOULD draw. There are many ways to create the story to lead readers to a conclusion without pushing it. It just takes longer and requires more creativity. But hey, the man had deadlines and they are still great works when compared against the infinite number of cheesy romance novels out there.



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