Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Reel Hollywood

In real life, most of the Hollyweird actors and actresses mentioned here are probably fag-fellating Jew-fawners who would gladly star in some piece of trash about Adolf Hitler and his evil SS killers raping poor little Anne Frank while turning 6 million innocent Jews into useful household items like soap and lampshades, but would never dream of appearing in anything that doesn't carry the ADL Seal of Approval. We need our own heroes, and our own set of stars, celebrities, etc. Sadly, the closest we have been able to come are a few genuinely good and sincere racialist musicians, a lot of posers who sing about killing niggers while screwing Jews or vice-versa, and the odd interracial/faggot wanna-be porn star feeding off the rotting corpse of Dr. Pierce and what's left of the old National Alliance and it's famous "Dildo Squad".

The only scene from a Covington novel I want to see the gay-liberal-lefty-trendy Hollywood race traitors play might be a real life version of one where they are swinging from trees and lamp posts, or standing in front of an NVA firing squad.

Heil Hitler!


I agree that the overwhelming majority of Hollywood actors are left-wing scum, but let's face it: the last decent movie that came out of Hollywood was Birth of a Nation and D. W. Griffith is long dead.

Folks, this is a fantasy exercise. We all know that no producer or director in Hollywood would ever touch any Covington novel, so it's not as if any imagination we give rein to here will ever come about. But it is kind of nice to imagine a world in which white authors and white moviegoers get equable treatment, even if only for a short time on the internet.

Yes, this is all a game, but it can be kind of a fun game, so lighten up and enjoy!



At 4:28 AM, Blogger josephjsalas said...

Why is it that everyone fails
to remind everyone else that
the holocaust was financed by
the House oF Rothchild?
(Schroder Banks)

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Jack Torrance said...

Let's keep these comments on topic, folks.

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really a shame we can't have real movies of HAC novels. They'd be so much better than the crap that actually comes out of Hollywood.


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